How to receive rewards/prizes via mail

If you have joined a giveaway and you are lucky to be chosen as the winner, you might be wondering how to receive rewards/prizes via mail.

Nevertheless, there is no conventional method of sending prize notifications. In case you entered a sweepstake, it is vital to pay a lot of attention to ensure that you will not miss a notification or find out that it is too late to claim your prize.

By email

A majority of sweepstakes and giveaways send a winning notice to the email address that a potential winner listed on the entry form. One way to avoid overlooking an email notification is to set up a dedicated email address to be used when joining sweepstakes or giveaways and check it regularly.

Even if you have a dedicated email, there are instances in which you might overlook a prize notification among all the other emails you receive. Due to this, you should know what victorious emails appear like so that you will not skip on a prize announcement by mistake.

Some of the prize notifications might appear untrustworthy. Although it is a good idea to be careful when it comes to any email that includes an attachment, prize notifications oftentimes include an attachment with useful information such as the sweepstakes or giveaway rules or an affidavit to print out and return.

In some cases, the notification might include a link to a website where you can learn more details on how to request for your prize or where you have to reply to authenticate your award. With the help of these tips to determine if it is safe to click on a link in an email, it will help you sift through legitimate emails and those that are not. Sometimes, the notifications are purely informational and you do not have to do anything at all.

Via postal mail

Some companies dispatch winning notifications via mail. Most of these award announcements might arrive through the regular postal service or with a delivery service provider such as UPS or FedEx.

Along with the details that you won something, you might also receive an affidavit or other forms that you must fill out and return to claim the prize.

You must be wary of any award statements that come as bulk mail. Remember that the legitimate companies will not inform winners in bulk, while several scammers release mass mails to trick as many individuals as possible. Do not forget to watch out for precanceled stamps, permit imprints or metered postage to identify the bulk mails.


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