For those who always want to monitor their pets while at work, PETCUBE might be the solution.

The PETCUBE Camera is a Wi-Fi home camera specially made for pet lovers out there. With this device, it allows you to talk, watch and interact with your pets by utilizing an in-built laser pointer toy using your smartphone anytime, anywhere. By using the PETCUBE mobile application, you can allow access to the PETCUBE Cameras so other pet lovers are allowed to interact with your pet.

Once you decide to get one, the PETCUBE camera will work once you remove it out of its box. When it comes to the Care membership, it is optional and provides users with an extended video history recording up to 3 or 90 days along with access to video clips longer than 30 seconds, a prolonged 2-year warranty and partner reimbursements that can help save on pet care. Even if you do not have a subscription, you will enjoy motion-trigger notifications and sounds but without video history.

With the device, it can provide you with updates on what is happening at home when you are away with both audio and video detection. You will receive push notifications on your mobile phone if something is detected and set up automatic video recording that you can replay later to check what happened.

With a PETCUBE giveaway, it might be your chance to get this useful device especially for pet lovers out there. It will surely come in handy when monitoring your pets if you are away.

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